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tv   The Sixties  CNN  July 19, 2014 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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we want to welcome our viewers in the u.s. and around the world. you are watching cnn newsroom. >> almost three days after the wreck, personal belongings still strewn. >> that's prompting words of anger from the dutch prime minister calling the situation downright disgusting. in the middle east, heavy
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fighting continues. and we're going to start tonight first with the downing of malaysian flight 17, the horrible aftermath of the attack on that jet is clear to see. wreckage and mangled bodies are scattered near a small town in eastern ukraine. >> even as the victims' bodies are being recovered in controversial circumstances, ch what is unclear is what downed the airliner. >> to try and prove that, ukraine released images showing three missile batteries heading back towards russia. now crash site clues are hard to gather. we've been hearing this for several hours now. the organization for securing
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cooperation in europe is saying the area is under strict control of separatists. remains of the 298 victims are finally being gathered. even this task is hampered by the region's bitter conflict. >> reporter: this is where mh-17 struck the earth with the greatest force and heat. it is likely this is where the fuel load burned off as well. the blaze so intense metal components melted into the ground. down the right, other pieces of the plane mark the landscape, but the smaller debris here also holds real power. some are the common place possessions of travelers
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everywhere, but there is also the more personal. giving little insights into the lives of those who fell with the plane. these were people from around the world with no connection to the ukraine's conflict. their positions are marked with sticks and white cloth. mo pro-russian militants are in control here. some show curiosity, but there's no obvious intense of recovering the bodies or securing the aircraft. this is a strange eerie experience, walking through the debris field over the passenger jet, the remains of its crew and passengers are everywhere and yet there is no one here trying to work out what happened. no one here to take responsibility for this. the militants leaders say they are not altering the site to it remains intact for investigators
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to inspect. they are blaming the central government in kiev for not getting those investigators here sooner. phil black, cnn, in eastern ukraine. >> but the strongest words so far have come from the netherlands, home to more than half of the victims on the down downed flight. >> translator: it is absolute necessary and the very first priority that the recovery of the victims will take place as soon as possible. everyone that won't fully and directly cooperate now leaves a very serious suspicion upon himself. i am shocked by the images of
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totally disrespectful behavior at this tragic site. against all rules of careful investigation, it seems that there are people who are rummaging through the personal and recognizable belongings of victims. this is downright disgusting. >> now british prime minister is placing the blame for the tragedy on moscow's feet. in a front page opinion piece in the sunday times he writes, this is a direct result of russia destabilizing a sovereign state, violating its territorial integrity, backing thuggish militias, and training them and arming them. in the meantime, in the eastern ukraine, it is time to make our
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power, influence, and resources count. for its part, russia has denied any involvement in the crash. >> president putin is calling for a thorough and objective investigation into the disaster. >> the russian foreign minister spoke by phone saturday with u.s. secretary of state john kerry. they agree all evidence from the plane, including the black boxes, should be made available to investigators and experts should be allowed to access the site. the pressure is on now for the crisis in eastern ukraine to be resolved quickly and peacefully. secretary of state john kerry will be the guest on "state of the union." you'll see it only here on cnn. > the ukraine uses pro-russian
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separatists of covering up their involvement in the tragedy. >> reporter: the ukraine government continues to build a case against the rebels in eastern ukraine and against russia, which it claims, arms and trains and funds those rebels. accusing them both of being behind the shooting down of malaysian air flight 17. there is a high probability that russia supplied the rebels with missile system that he says was used to shoot down that fateful flight. >> this is not russian led terrorists who pressed the button. this is someone well trained. someone who knows how this russian machine works. someone who has experience. and we together, with the international community, will
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find out all responsible for this international crime and those who supported them. because this the crime against humanity and the building of international criminal court is very big. >> leaders of if separatists rebels as well as the russian government, they are denying these accusations of course. both calling for an independent investigation on the ground of this terrible tragedy. in the meantime, the fighting continues to rage in eastern ukraine. at least five ukrainian soldiers were killed in clashes between separatists and the ukraine armed forces on saturday. on friday, at least 16 civilians killed in the separatist held eastern city -- a grim reminder this terrible tragedy is taking
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place in a very active, deadly war zone. >> of the 298 people on board the malaysian airlines flight, 27 were from australia. ♪ this was the scene at st. mary's cathedral in sydney. it was attended by prime minister. this tragedy is being felt around the world, especially in malaysia. next on "cnn newsroom" we'll look at the way airline is dealing with its second disaster in months. the latest on the conflict in israel and hamas.
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welcome back. we have more on the crash of malaysian airlines flight 17. of the 298 who died on that plane, this was a memorial service saturday. home to more than 40 of the victims. this tragedy has hit this region especially hard. all of the netherlands is mourning. >> my first and foremost priority is my humanitarian duty to bring back the bodies of the dutch people who were killed to the netherlands. but immediately after that, we also have another responsibility towards the victims and their relatives. and that is to find out who is responsible for this and to do this, we need a thorough,
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international, independent investigation of everything that can be found on this site and elsewhere. and i hope that this can lead to a clarification of who is responsible and then the international community should act to hold those responsible accountable. >> shock and disbelief are not uncommon in times of tragedy, but things have reached a surreal level in malaysia. we look at people who have been dealt yet another staggering blow. >> reporter: one by one, the full names of 298 passengers, the manifest released by the airline. they are grandparents, children, students. it is an all too familiar feeling. >> now here we are again going through a series of tragic incidents. this is something which i think that a lot of our crew members are unable to accept. >> reporter: disbelief, says the head of the union, representing
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air flight attendants in malaysia. just four months of the disappearance of flight 370 over the indiana ocean. an unprecedented loss for a country and its symbolic national airline. malaysian crew members say they were just beginning to step away from flight 370's ugliness. the question, why them again? >> we cannot believe this incident can happen over such a short period. >> reporter: but this time there is a difference. with flight 17, there is debris. there is evidence of what may have caused the crash. with flight 370, no answer. no debris. no proof your loved one is gone. rage and grief followed the missing airliner as families screamed their frustration on international television, but with flight 17, the rage is directed not internally, but an
9:15 pm
outside force. malaysia this time is not grappling with a mystery, but a victim demanding answers. >> this outrage cannot go unpunished. once again malaysia condemns this brutal act of aggression and calls for those responsible to be found and to face the full force of justice without delay. >> reporter: the clarity of what happened in this crash doesn't make it any easier say grieving friends and family. they say it is simply different. cnn. >> of the nearly 300 people that died on flight 17, 43 were from malaysia, including the crew of 15. andrew? >> reporter: thanks very much. we enter day four since that plane was downed. the shock and the grieving is still very much in evidence here
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in malaysia. add to that this is a predominantly muslim country where part of the faith is to make sure they are buried within 48 hours of their death. the government keeps calling for a safe corridor so the remains can be brought out and brought home to loved ones. he, himself, is in mourning. his step grandmother was on flight mh-17, the second wife of his grandfather. so he has a very personal interest in what is happening. obviously, there is a lot of frustration here, but there is a lot of stoicism too. this is the second tragedy within five months to hit the airlines. the people here are saying -- they say they are calm. they're being patient and
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they're moving forward. but a very difficult time for so many people here, obviously. the government has sent teams into kiev, but malaysia does not have a lot of power on the international stage. it can't force the main players in this to move any more quickly to get a safe corridor to the crash site, which is very frustrating for everybody here. >> andrew, thanks for that update. you know, john, it's incredible to me in the first instance we had the missing plane. in this case too, you have all these relatives thinking what is happening to my loved ones. they're in there in a field. who is providing for their dignity? >> there is a lot of frustration right now in malaysia. we're seeing that come out in the tone. we're hearing from the president of the malaysia airlines union saying this is essentially murder. we're hearing the government come out much more forcefully
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than they did in the initial stages. they want those bodies brought home. and they want it now. what the rebels are doing by preventing that is only causing further outrage around the world. >> malaysia is saying, we're real victims in this tragedy here. when we come back, we'll go to gaza and the terrible toll the israel-hamas conflict is taking on palestinian children. we'll show you why they are especially vulnerable in this conflict. >> this war is being fought on the ground and in the air and even underground. israel is targeting militant tunnels that have been dug under the border.
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we turn now to our other developing story in the middle east. one gaza resident says he prefers israeli air strikes to artillery. such is the situation inside gaza right now where israeli forces are fighting hamas militants. >> bright flashes of explosives lit up the saturday night sky just outside of gaza city in what is being described as a major battle.
9:21 pm
gaza officials say 62 palestinians were killed saturday, the biggest daily death toll so far. hamas rockets continue to be fired at israel, sometimes one every two minutes. >> this video shows israeli pilots backing off an air strike because children are present. >> not all children have been spared in this conflict. at least 72 children have been killed, 1/5 of all palestinian casualties. we are in gaza. we see why children there are so vulnerable. some viewers will find images in this report upsetting. >> reporter: they were killed in the morning, buried in the afternoon. two brothers 18 and 10 were killed in an israeli air strike saturday morning, northern gaza.
9:22 pm
the burial was a hurried affair as tanks landed nearby. israel israeli army warned residents to move. we all end up in the grave. it is more honorable to die at home. as dangerous as it is here, there's worse. people and livestock are fleeing. he came here with his family and his cows for safety. he describes the town he fled in northeastern gaza. destruction, destruction, he says. it's a disaster. they're hitting house after house. empty ground, everything. across the street, a house hit an hour ago still smolders as
9:23 pm
another round lands in the distance. at 2:15 in the afternoon, a 10-year-old arrives at the hospital. he's the last surviving member of his immediate family, killed in shelling to the east of here. in another bed, a 12-year-old screams out in pain. he was on a horse cart when missiles landed nearby. he suddenly found himself und undernea underneath, crushed by the load. it happened in an area where no warning to leave had been issued. >> translator: when i saw my son mohammed like this, i lost all hope in this world, says his father. everyone here is in danger. >> reporter: children in the emergency ward, children in the
9:24 pm
street, children in the graveyard. there's a reason why so many of the casualties of this war are children. according to statistics, 43% of the population is 14 years old or younger. death comes often in gaza these days and it comes early. cnn, northern gaza. >> israel says it is expanding its operation in gaza as it tries to destroy secret tunnels. gaza fighters used one tunnel on saturday to carry out a deadly attack. >> reporter: an ariiriai aerialn a gaza tunnel. on saturday morning, israeli
9:25 pm
troops foiled one infiltration attempt. two soldiers and a militant were killed. these weapons were found on militants says israeli forces. the risk of incidents like this have increased. this is basically a risk you have just learned to live with? >> yes, yes. this is the home of jewish people. where can we go? >> reporter: you can see right here a lot of military activity, tanks being moved in and around here. we're very close to the border. border highways, tanks rumble into position, poised for the order to go even further into gaza. amid the threat of more infiltratio infiltrations, israel is considering expanding its ground
9:26 pm
incursion into gaza city to dismantle the militant group hamas. >> maybe one day we can live happily ever after. i remember in my youth before '73 back in '68, '69, we used to bike into gaza. >> reporter: peace is only a distant hope. >> israeli prime minister benjamin nettwill be speaking t wolf blitzer. egyptian authorities trying to figure out who carried out a
9:27 pm
deadly attack on the border. the army says some of the att k attackers were killed in a gunfight which followed. iran and international negotiators have agreed to talks on the nuclear program. iran is seeking sanctions relief and access to world markets. big gaps remain. eastern ukraine finds itself caught in a deadly conflict. we will find out why the pilot of the malaysian airlines plane decided to fly over a war zone.
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switch to comcast business internet and get the fastest wifi included. comcast business. built for business. we'd like to welcome back our viewers in the united states and around the world. >> the headlines this hour. as the remains of 298 plane crash victims in eastern ukraine are being collected, leaders are also demanding that investigators be allowed complete access to rebel controlled crash site. intense flashes of light outside of gaza city. two of its soldiers in israel have been killed. five others were wounded during
9:31 pm
fighting. palestinian officials say more than 370 palestinians have been killed in gaza since this conflict began. the strongest storm that hit southern china in decades is moving on, leaving more than a dozen people dead. authorities estimate more than $700 million in damage. a small patch of farm land in eastern ukraine bears the scars of a horrible tragedy. >> the wreckage and mangled bodies scattered everywhere. what still is not clear is what brought the airliner down. the u.s. and ukraine say it was a russian made surface to air missile. >> ukraine released images say
9:32 pm
show three missile batteries heading back to russia. members of a team from the organization are in european and have not been granted full access to the scene. >> we will consult with those who are in charge here to see if we can get access to other sites too. >> what about the black boxes? >> they are part of what we observe here. we have not made special investigations into this matter. the mission is here to observe and verify facts and report back to the member states of those affected. >> erin burnett had a chance to
9:33 pm
speak with a spokesman. >> they did not allow our diplomatic vehicles onto the scene. time is really moving quickly. >> do you know anything more about the black boxes? ukrainian officials said recorders were still in there country, but they don't know who have them. is there a sense of where they might be? >> part of the problem is there doesn't seem to be one commander in charge. when we did ask to speak to a leader, nobody was produced. we did ask about the black box and we got a shrug of the shoulder. that hasn't been produced yet. it's a huge problem, obviously, because we also brought with us, by the way for the second day,
9:34 pm
aviation experts. it was quite an accomplishment. they need a lot more time and freedom of access to go about and look carefully at the wreckage for two reasons. the black boxes may still with there and secondly to determine how this plane was brought down. >> we want to take a closer look at the fighting in eastern ukraine. this map highlights the area of reb rebel forces. in the weeks leading up to thursday's downing of flight 17, several ukrainian military aircraft were shot down. we have more. >> reporter: the signs of danger were all around. this also follows a pattern of actions by russian backed separatists. june 13th pro-russian rebels
9:35 pm
shot down a ukrainian military transport plane. this week, monday, july 14th, a cargo plane shot out of the sky. then wednesday, a fighter jet shot down. the next day, flight 17 suffered the same fate. were red flags ignored? malaysia airlines says no. >> it was approved by the international aviation organizations and by countries their route passed through. >> reporter: ukraine authorized nights above 32,000 feet, an altitude that was considered safe. nevertheless, some airlines did avoid the area. it's their call whether to fly
9:36 pm
through. a new york times report say airline flew around it area. carriers like malaysia airlines flew directly over the war zone. >> you can't take every air space that might have a problem and say we're not going to fly there. the global scope of that would be enormous. >> reporter: late this week, the dangers of the air space now abundantly clear. the aviation arms of the u.n. and europe recommending that airlines avoid the air space and the u.s. and ukraine prohibiting flights there. for flight 17, it's too late. >> at a news conference in kiev,
9:37 pm
ewe yanian -- cnn cannot verify the authenticity of the photos or the claims made by ukrainian officials. i spoke with a cnn military analyst about these photos. >> the ukrainian state security have released photos that happened within 12 hours of flight 17 being shot down. they say it is proof that the russians were involved. what's your assessment? >> one can be suspective of that kind of intelligence coming that
9:38 pm
quickly right after the incident. >> everything right now indicates this was a mistake. they didn't know what they were shooting at. the rebels thought it was a ukrainian military plane, a cargo plane. if they were using this equipment correctly, is that mistake possible? >> not really. the fact they shot a civilian airliner is very troubling, but they're probably not using the entire system. it consists of four components. one of those components is an air surveillance radar. that's capable of determining what your target is, whether it is a civilian aircraft or not. it has a transponder that would receive the code from the aircraft that would say, i'm a
9:39 pm
civilian aircraft. it doesn't appear they did that. >> that then brings me to this other question. if they made that mistake, does that indicate there weren't russian professionally trained soldiers anywhere to be seen? >> i find it hard to believe any soldier would make that kind of error. we may be looking at people who have gone from the ukraine to russia for rudimentary training. >> let's look at the investigation right now. the crash site appears to have been badly compromised. it's under control of the rebels who are accused of shooting the plane down, but is there enough evidence out there regardless of what happens at the crash site or find there, to find out who is ultimately responsible for this? >> i'm not sure the crash site
9:40 pm
will tell us what happened anyway. we know what happened. we don't know who pushed the trigger on this missile. i don't think we'll get that from the crash scene. it won't come from the wreckage out there. >> finally, the shooting down of flight 17, is this a new precedent that we're looking at here, that militant groups across the world now with this incredibly advanced weaponry? >> yes, this is something to be very concerned about. it's already happened in syria. the free syrian army were able to go into a syrian air defense depo and take several transporter erector launchers and weeks later were able to field that system and knock down a syrian air force plane. so there is precedence for this to happen. you can see what's happening. we see rebel groups, even maybe terrorist groups, acquiring this
9:41 pm
kind of weaponry and finding people that know how to use it and causing a threat to civil aviation. this is something to be very concerned about. if you look at the radar available on the internet, you can see right now there are aircraft flying over baghdad, which is a combat area. >> okay. lieutenant colonel, we'll leave it there, but some very good points. a lot to be worried about at the moment. thank you, sir. >> insightful indeed. i have to say you asked him specifically. so which is it? do you believe there was a russian officer there or wasn't there? look, there are many people in that area who would have been serving -- who would still know how to use one today? >> if you knew how to operate this properly, that mistake wouldn't have been made.
9:42 pm
if it was a professional and they did intend to fire the missile at the civil aircraft, that takes us into a whole new strike th stras strat strat strat stratosphere. putin is putting the blame squarely on ukraine from the downed airliner. >> reporter: vladimir putin responded to this horror in predictable fashion, but hunkering down and deflecting blame. >> translator: this tragedy would not have happened if there
9:43 pm
was peace on that land or military operations in southeastern ukraine had not been renewed. >> reporter: putin's support for the rebels believed to have fired the missile place a heavy burden on the kremlin. in the immediate aftermath, vladimir putin is under enormous pressure. of his most powerful partners, germany is pressuring him to pull back his support of the pro-russian rebels. his only visible supporters maybe syrian president bashar al assad and it could get worse. the consequences for putin if he interferes with the
9:44 pm
investigation -- >> the consequences have very severe sanctions. the west could cut off any access to the russian financial markets or loans from the u.s. >> reporter: putin is under pressure from russia as well. >> he's already come under pressure from them because they say he allowed the ukrainian government to take back one of the major cities that was under occupation. >> reporter: how will this man respond to all the pressure? his unpredictability there has many on edge. putin could get more aggressive with ukraine. he could ride this out. a analysts say one thing putin is not likely to do is bring anyone responsible to justice.
9:45 pm
brian todd, cnn, washington. now china is recovering from a devastating storm that has left more than a dozen people dead. the path of destruction left by a typhoon. because we're trying to make the school bell. corner booth beats corner office any day. we make the most of our time... and our money. the 2014 malibu. highest ranked midsize car in initial quality the car for the richest guys on earth.
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which for you, shouldn't be a problem. just another way we put members first, because we don't have shareholders. join the nation. nationwide is on your side. just looking at this typhoon on the map, it was colossal. >> it has been one of the biggest there. at least 14 people died after heavy wind and rain lashed the region. the storm struck an island province on friday before veering west and pummelling the mainland. it is considered the strongest typhoon to struck southern china in four decades every since records began.
9:48 pm
>> i didn't like what i was seeing on your screen as i was walking by. >> it's a lot of red. let's not forget what happened in the philippines of course. the death toll there even higher as a result of the same typhoon that barrelled through the philippines. death toll continuing to climb. we're getting very close to a hundred there unfortunately. this is how it started. very weak system in the western pacific. we'll take you through the history of what happened. slamming into the philippines t dead on here. a category 3 storm. this is what's spectacular. 130 kph. exploded into a super typhoon, category 5 winds. then it continued through the gulf and made a third landfall
9:49 pm
with nasty winds. what's left of it here, not much. left over rainfall. let's take you to vietnam. not just the philippines and china, but vietnam has been getting in on the heavy rainfall and not just that, but the winds as well. trees have been downed and it's causing significant flooding across that area as well. the brunt of the storm was felt by the philippines and china as well. 17 inches of rainfall in 24 hours. going to take awhile. we have another system here. it is not headed to the west. it's going to the north and west. it is so close that it's already bringing heavy rainfall. a minimal typhoon at this point. we think that will change as it
9:50 pm
heads up to the north and west. additional flooding rains in manila. the life-threatening winds will be away from the philippines and headed towards taiwan. this is a large part of the cone. when you're in the skinny part of the cone, you're in trouble. 72 hours out, this thing could go north of taiwan or out. one of our computer models has it going north of taipei. in about 72 hours, we have the potential of another potent typhoon approaching taiwan. the reason we think it is going to intensify is it is going to go from warm waters, well, to bath water here. cyclones don't like that very much. that has the potential for rapid intensification. >> we've had a really wet summer
9:51 pm
already. the rains, were they particularly strong this year? >> the rains were unbelievable. >> this area is saturated. >> especially japan getting hit with a last typhoon. that made things worse, yeah. ground is saturated. any additional rain is going to be a problem. the winds with this one, that's what's going to be serious as well. >> the philippines continues to be hammered. the crash of malaysian airlines flight 17 has dealt one family a big blow. we'll look at one small town and the grief that has gripped its residents.
9:52 pm
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the impact of the crash is being felt around the world with people in many countries in shock and grieving. as you see here, most of the victims were from the netherlands. the rest were from malaysia, australia, indonesia, germany, the philippines, and canada. the netherlands is a small close-knit country, so the impact is very much a national tragedy. >> one newspaper said we knew them all. we report on the shock and grief being felt by so many.
9:54 pm
>> reporter: a teenager unable to understand why her friend is gone. that's her? >> yes. >> reporter: she wanted to talk to me. we'll do it for her, her friend said, but she couldn't speak. a 15-year-old girl was on flight with her parents, brother, and two sisters headed on their summer holiday. >> she was every time happy. >> reporter: you grew up together? >> yes. every day we saw her as a good friend. she biked to school with us. >> reporter: and you wrote this note for her? >> yes. >> reporter: can you tell me what it says?
9:55 pm
>> it says every time right here -- >> reporter: throughout the day, we saw people from across this community bringing tributes, lighting candles, a group of passing cyclists stopped for a moment to pay their respects. this man tells me he didn't know the family. he isn't from here, but felt compelled to drive here to say a prayer and leave flowers. across the village, we found rows of houses flying their flags at half-mast. >> the community is still in shock, in a fairly deep level of shock because it was a well-known family. people are still trying to handle the situation. >> reporter: among the tributes, these hearts, were the names of all members of the family, six of them. children at the school were the
9:56 pm
youngest went, the youngest of the four children, they wrote memorials yesterday and stuck it to this tree. this one saying, brett, i'll miss you. dear family, you didn't deserve this. this note from one of the friends of one of the girls saying, you will now be -- >> we obviously have a problem there with the report. this is the thing. there are so many layers to this story. there is the political layer. there is who pulled the trigger, why did they do it, what happens next, what are the implications? it affects so many people. there is grief being felt around the world right now. >> when you think, and we continue to report on it, they are sitting there and thinking about their loved ones and their
9:57 pm
last moments, but now thinking they don't know where their remains are. they don't know when they'll have the last good-bye. they don't know when their bodies will be able to be returned to them. >> tragedy compounded upon frustration and tragedy with these bodies laying in a field. the relatives and families want these bodies home to have closure and have their funeral services and move on. >> thank you for joining us this hour. >> we'll be back with another hour of "cnn newsroom" right after the break. so i get invited to quite a few family gatherings. heck, i saved judith here a fortune with discounts like safe driver, multi-car, paperless. you make a mighty fine missus, m'lady. i'm not saying mark's thrifty. let's just say,
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we want to welcome our viewers in the u.s. and around the world. you are watching "cnn newsroom." >> it is good to have you with us. we go straight to our continuing coverage of the horrible aftermath of the attack on malaysian airlines flight 17. >> kiev and the rebels blame one another for downing